About World Leukodystrophy Alliance

We are a group of like-minded non-profit organizations with the goal of leveraging our resources to advance leukodystrophy treament, care, & research.


We advocate for newborn screening legislation for all leukodystrophies


We are committed to raising awareness of the leukodystrophies


We strive to provide useful information to leukodystrophy patients and their families


World Leukodystrophy Alliance’s Annual Meeting

The World Leukodystrophy Alliance (WLA) held its 2016 Annual Meeting at Stanford University’s School of Medicine on April 30th, 2016. The WLA is a group of like-minded leukodystrophy non-profit organizations aimed at leveraging resources to help those with leukodystrophies.  At this meeting, a new Board of Directors was elected and strategic session was held to discuss policy and future direction.  Our conversations over the day will ensure the continuous growth of the WLA.  Please check back soon for the official annual meeting summary.